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Technical Toolboxes Inc. (TTI) is a leading global provider of integrated and cloud-based pipeline software, consulting and industry training for pipeline engineering and technical professionals. The company was formed in 1996, and today our Toolbox software products are helping hundreds of large and small companies throughout the world meet the day-to-day demands of the pipeline and energy business. The integrated software products developed by Technical Toolboxes provide companies with engineering software productivity tools for standardization and training of their technical professionals. Technical Toolboxes works with many companies to enhance and improve their software products by utilizing new software technology and development methods.

Technical Toolboxes also supports the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) and markets PRCI's technical pipeline research reports and software, which includes RSTRENG, the widely used external pipeline corrosion evaluation software. The PRCI research library contains over 1000 technical publications in inventory. Publications include project reports, engineering testing results, software applications, and technical research studies.

Our History

  • 1996 - Started with DOT/OPS – Pipeline Inspectors Toolbox
  • 1998 - 1st Corporate Contract (Williams), Petroleum Toolbox Introduction, Began discussions with AGA/PRC
  • 2000 - Pipeline Toolbox (Liquid)
    New RSTRENG introduced
    PRCI Strategic Partnership Agreement
    PRCI website and established digital document management and conversion of research archives Technical Toolboxes establishes separate Technical Toolboxes Canada subsidiary to support PRCI
  • 2002 - Pipeline Toolbox Enterprise Version
    Added PRCI project management and collaboration software; began web training
    Partner decision to concentrate on Pipeline industry and as a “life-style” business
  • 2004 - Initiated technical training courses on TTI
  • 2011 - Start of Technical Toolboxes Subject Matter (SME) consulting business
    Award of BP Exploration Alaska Inc. (BXPA) contract to provide SMEs
  • 2015 -Energy Industry Consultants & Engineers (EICE) merger

Our Advantages

TTI’s competitive advantages include Energy Industry Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), legacy software that is an Energy Industry standard, and a new generation of innovative Cloud based PowerTools© called PETROLEUM, PIPELINE and PROCESS (API) skyBoxes.  The combination of SMEs in critical disciplines such as Multiphase Flow Hydraulics, Flow Assurance, Artificial Lift, Internal Corrosion, Pipeline Leak detection, and AC/DC Mitigation; coupled with Best-in-Class software, places TTI in a unique position.  Adding the ability to provide world class software development for the rapid response of client custom software requirements, positions TTI to create a value proposition that is unprecedented.  The new Cloud based skyBox© PowerTools© will open opportunities to compete in burgeoning new arenas, such as implementations of the digital oilfield.

TTI’s digital oilfield services group provides the upstream industry with innovation and technology leadership in the rapidly growing opportunities for designing, developing and deploying solutions in the following areas:

  • • Strategy assessment and conceptual design of integrated operations-focused processes
  • • Integration of data, workflows and models for subsurface and surface systems analysis
  • • Operations analysis/diagnostics of artificial lift including rod pump, ESP, gas lift and plunger lift
  • • Simulation/modeling of production processes from reservoir to point of sale

Why People Choose Us


WE are diligent in researching the needs of our customers to provide the best products and support.


WE were established in 1996, and we have a team of highly experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)


WE are commited to bring you the best and reliable software, consulting and training.

We Are Dedicated

to providing the latest advances

Technical Toolboxes has developed a comprehensive suite of software products that are designed for each oil and gas market segment. While TTI has established itself as a leading global provider of integrated Pipeline Toolbox software and research documentation for pipeline engineering and technical professionals, it is has also expanded into new product opportunities, including RSTRENG+, the HDD Toolbox, PETROLEUM skyBox product suites, and API Inspectors ReportTool. These software products are sophisticated and upon entry into a market, have become the standard in the industry. As the development and deployment of each ‘toolbox’ or ‘skyBox’ suite of software products is developed, the existing software platforms and pipeline have made the rollout of these products quick, and extremely efficient.

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