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    The cartoon character Joe” Rusty” Pipes was developed to represent the “old wise man"...


PETROLEUM skyBox is a cloud-based platform for the integrated engineering analysis of oil and gas production systems

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PIPELINE Toolboxversion 17 is now available

the most comprehensive suite of Pipeline software tools on the market. It is designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of the user by providing an “integrated” suite of "technical tools" to solve day-to-day pipeline design, analysis, integrity, maintenance, safety, compliance and related engineering problems

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INDUSTRY Videos & Reference

Operations Technology Development (OTD) Reports

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OTD was established in 2003 as an Illinois not-for-profit company to facilitate voluntarily funded, collaborative research on issues relating to gas operations and infrastructure, with a focus on enhancing safety, reducing operating costs, and increasing the operating efficiency of natural gas distribution systems. OTD's membership is currently 22 members, representing utilities throughout North America.

For a complete list of reports available from OTD, Click Here

Energy Isolation of Petroleum Liquids & Vapor Education Series

These videos are widely distributed to the General Public to make the viewer more aware of the processes required for safe and efficient Energy Isolation techniques and best practices for pipeline systems.

The video series also includes Mud Plugging definition and description of optimal practices to safely and efficiently use this technique. These videos and the Facilitator's Guides may be used as a part of a course curriculum.

Energy Isolation Techniques & Best Practices

Videos are based on the material found in the document below:
Pipeline Comprehensive Energy Isolation Guidance Document (2.3 Mb)

ENERGY Isolation

Energy Isolation Techniques & Best Practices

This video covers evaluation of risk, safe isolation techniques, alternate isolation techniques, potential hazards, site preparation, draining the pipeline, and precautions.

Facilitator's Guide: Energy Isolation Techniques and Best Practices for Industry (106 kb)
Video Survey: Energy Isolation Video Survey

MUD Plugging

Mud Plugging Techniques & Best Practices

This video covers definition, construction, preparation, optimum conditions, and proper storage of materials.

Facilitator's Guide: Mud Plugging (93 kb)
Video Survey: Mud Plugging Video Survey

For questions, comments or concerns regarding the videos, please feel free to contact us at 713-630-0505 ext.210 or fill out our feedback form.

API Toolbox Enterprise inspection reports made easy

Now Data Analysis and Reporting is made simple and easy with the enhanced API Inspectors Toolbox – Enterprise Edition, an integrated suite of software tools.

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RUSTY Comics

The cartoon character Joe” Rusty” Pipes was developed to represent the “old wise man” in the industry. Joe Pikas is one of the “old wise men” in the industry with close to a ½ century of experience. Joe Rusty Pipes was his handle back in the CB radio days.

This comic series was intended to serve the purpose of drawing attention to serious issues and concerns of interest within the industry while at the same time generating a smile and hopefully a laugh.

Enjoy each of the cartoons listed to the left in order of release that started in April 2012. We welcome your comments and constructive criticism as well as new cartoon ideas by e-mailing jpikas@ttoolboxes.com


Understanding Strategies for Aging Pipelines


A Practical Cost Effective Approach to Mitigation of AC Corrosion on Pipelines


Protect Yourself, Use the Pipeline Toolbox


Understanding Management of Asset Inventory Change


Understand Joe "Rusty" Pipes