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Technical Toolboxes presently provides online preparation courses for API 510, API 570 and API 653 certification exams. We are presently developing CWI, API 936, NDT, Basic Geology, Advanced Geology, Process Heaters, Introduction to QA/QC, and Basic Pipeline Inspection Courses.

Remember, when the job market in the petro-chemical and power industries starts to dry up, we all become very aware of how important certain certifications and advanced education qualifications can be. When it comes down to several candidates and only a very few positions, these certs and qualifications become extremely important in determining if a candidate will be chosen to fill an available position. Investing in a certification or continuing education is an investment in your future. You can greatly improve your marketable knowledge and make your resume look better to employers at the same time. This will be the difference in working or not during the lean times.

Why choose us?

- Guaranteed Success

  1. We have over 80% passing rate for students that complete the course and study properly.
  2. If you do not pass you can take it again for free within a year.

- Easily Accessible

  1. Study at your own pace.
  2. Study anywhere, anytime.
  3. Instructors and staff are on hand to help on demand.
  4. You can repeat the entire course or certain lessons as you wish.

- Save Money

  1. No need to travel
  2. No lodging expenses
  3. No missed work
  4. Save thousands compared to standard classroom training.
  5. No extra or hidden fees.

All our courses come with 48 hour money back guarantee.

Available Courses

API 510

class details here

60 hour online pressure vessel inspector exam preparation course. Along with online training this course provides over 1,425 questions structured like the ones on the actual exam.

Purchase $799

API 570

class details here

Pressure piping inspector certification 60 hour exam preparation course. along with online training this course provides over 1,400 questions like the ones on the actual exam.

Purchase $799

API 653

class details here

Storage tank inspector exam preparation course. Extensive training along with built in quiz questions.

Purchase $799